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Price List

shopPlease see our full price list for vaccinations, malaria tablets, and blood tests:
Tetanus / Diptheria /Polio £40 per dose
Typhoid £45 per dose
Hepatitis A & Typhoid combined £89 per dose
Yellow Fever £65 per dose
Hepatitis A £65 per dose
Meningitis B £160 per dose
Meningitis ACWY £70 per dose
Rabies £65 per dose
Shingles £190 per dose
Chicken Pox ( Varicella) £60 per dose
Hepatitis B £50 per dose
Hepatitis A & B Combined £75 per dose
Japanese  B Encephalitis £89 per dose
Cholera x 2 £60
Tick Borne £60 per dose
Measles , Mumps , Rubella (MMR) £45 per dose
Pneumonia £35 per dose
Gardasil 9 (HPV vaccine) £150 per dose
Malaria Tablets  
Atovoquone & Proguanil ( Generic)




Adult – £3.00 per tablet

Paediatric – £1.25 per tablet – dose depends on the weight of the child

Adult – £3.50 per tablet

Doxycycline £25 per box of 50
Mefloquine (Larium) £25 – 8 tablets
Chloroquine £12.50 per box 20 tablets
Paludrine & Chloroquine £20.00 per 2 week holiday pack
Blood Tests  
Hepatitis B £50.00
Hepatitis C £55.00


HIV £90.00

Please note there is no additional consultation charge. Prices correct as of 01-November-2017. Prices are subject to change without prior notification.
There are no charges for Credit/Debit cards however from the 1st April, due to increases in fees, there will be a small transaction charge for payments using an American Express card. Please ask for more details.