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sunsetTo find out more about your trip and whether you will require vaccinations. Please see the following websites which give good information with regard to country requirements and identify risk areas with regard to malaria exposure:

For more information on the Yellow Fever and each countries entry requirement with regard to certificates requirements please see the following website:

Please contact the clinic if you have any questions with regard to yellow fever vaccination / certificate requirements. You can contact us via filling out our online query form here or by calling us on 01233 503666. 

It is important to have adequate travel insurance for your trip. There are many providers but it is important that you obtain the appropriate level of cover for the type of trip you are undertaking. Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions may find the following website useful:

Finally for all you need to know about travel health  please see the following A-Z guide by FitForTravel where you can search for disease, vaccines, effected areas, and more: Resources