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Travel Health

Axis BMC Travel Clinic staff are experienced in Travel Health Medicine and will ensure you receive the best possible advice so that you stay fit and healthy during your trip.

Each traveller and each trip is different and the staff at Axis BMC Travel Clinic understand this, so will tailor your consultation to your individual needs. The clinic uses live on-line databases that are updated continually to ensure you receive the most current information.

All vaccinations and malaria tablets are kept in stock so you are able to receive the vaccinations you require at your appointment.

You will be provided with an information pack and contact details of the clinic , so that the information you have received can be referred to and you have the comfort of knowing you can make contact with a travel health expert during your trip if required.

The clinic will hold records of the vaccinations and malaria tablets you have received, so these records will always be able to be retrieved for you, should you need them.

The staff at Axis BMC Travel Clinic wants to take your healthcare stress and worries away from you so that you so that you can enjoy every minute of your trip and be fit & healthy on your return to plan your next trip!